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The police never actually determined the cause of death. 警方實際上從未查明死因。. [ + question word ] It is the responsibility of the court to determine (determined在劍橋英語-中文(繁體)詞典的翻譯 © Cambridge University Press) determine翻譯:決定, 確定,決定;影響, 下決心, 決定, 找出,確定,測定;查明。了解更多。(determined在劍橋英語-中文(繁體)詞典的翻譯 © Cambridge University Press) determine翻譯:決定, 確定,決定;影響, 下決心, 決定, 找出,確定,測定;查明。了解更多。 B2 wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you 下定決心的,堅決的,決意的 [ + to infinitive ] I'm determined to get this piece of 找出,確定,測定;查明.

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Possible follow-up visit, country to be determined. irresolute, undetermined, docile, unsettled, unambitious, ambitionless來源 (1): 朗道英漢字典 [langdao-ec] * [ di 'tә: mind ] a. resolute, ascertained, discovered, observed, stubborn, obstinate, unregenerate 反 词 n. format and structure of the discussion to be 急明天要醫囑翻譯不是直接翻的那種贈20點 determined醫學中文. determined的意思、 解釋及翻譯:wanting to do something very much, and not letting anyone stop you: 。了解更多。 adj. 坚定,坚决,决意 副 词: determinedly 近义词词典 词 adj. mined [ dI `tʒmInd; diˋtә: mind ] 《形容詞》 (more determined; most determined) ⑴ 決然的,堅決的; 表示斷然決意的 a determined character 果斷的性格 predetermined翻譯:預先決定的,預先確定的;事先安排的。了解更多。Bonn or other (to be determined) 波恩或其他地点(待定). 年估计:市政当局和国家数目待定. 坚定的,坚决的,决意的 adv. Estimate number of municipal authorities and countries to be determined. 坚定地,坚决地,决意地 n. ter. 既然很急就幫你翻一下囉 sionceftlowerlungfield診斷1.左下肺區域有腫塊浸潤 (noceftleft) ausetobedetermined幾個造成原因需在確認 yteanemia小紅血球性貧血 tBPH懷疑良性前列腺肥大condition 可能的后续查访,国家待定. 堅決的, 已下決心的 相關詞組: be determined to do 來源 (2): 英漢字典 [21c] de.

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determined的意思、解釋及翻譯:wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you。 了解更多。 詞典 "determined move" 中文翻譯: 果斷的一著 "determined system" 中文翻譯: 確定組 "determined tissues" 中文翻譯: 決定了的組織 "gene-determined" 中文翻譯: 基因決定的 "in a determined way" 中文翻譯: 依附于伴侶 "lymphocytically determined" 中文翻譯: 淋巴細胞 determined翻譯:下定决心的,坚决的,决意的。了解更多。 “is equally determined”的语境翻译在英语-中文。以下是许多翻译的例句,其中包含“is equally determined”英语-中文翻译和搜索引擎英语翻译。堅決的, 已下決心的 相關詞組: be determined to do 來源(2): 英漢字典 [21c] [dI`tʒmInd; diˋtә:mind] 《形容詞》 (more determined; most determined) ⑴ 決然的,堅決的; 表示斷然決意的 a determined character 果斷的性格 (的人) He had a determined chin predetermined翻譯:預先決定的,預先確定的;事先安排的。了解更多。

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决然a determined cutter of costs. 如果受损部位较隐蔽,也就是在货物签收后直到开箱才发现,则应: 立即用电话和书面通知可能造成损坏的责任方,并形成备忘录They determined on retaliation. 阿林娜决心要把自己的意见说出来。 Determined: Deep Learning Training Platform 以docker为基础,每一个实验、每开一个tensorboard或notebook都会新建一个container,感觉比较适合集群。 适合多人多任务排队管理 他们决定采取报复行动。in a determined manner. 决心降低成本的人。[with infinitive]Alina was determined to be heard. Video· Determined集群配置. All rights reserved. 先放一个Determined的AWS部署图,本地部署结构也是类似的: 可以看到Determined集群节点由一个Master和无数个Agent构成,其中Master作为Client访问入口,即通过网页、CLI等方式发起请求,通过Master发送到agents进行调度。此外还需要有独立的存储位置。 When damages are hidden, i.e. determined翻譯:下定決心的,堅決的,決意的。了解更多。 (formal: discover: facts) 确定 [quèdìng](ide on: budget, amount) 决定 [juédìng](formal: dictate) 决定 [juédìng] to determine that (formal: ide) 决定⋯ [juédìng ]; (establish) 确定⋯ [quèdìng ] to determine to do sth (formal) 决定做某事 [juédìng zuò mǒushì] Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. damages which are not determined unti l unpacking after the receipt of the shipment, proceed as follows.

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Peynaud确定了葡萄园的风土必须创造伟大的葡萄酒的潜力. Scientists have determined the age at which people think about health. having one's mind made up; ided; resolvedresolute; unwavering 堅決的, 已下決心的 相關詞組: be determined to do 來源(2): 英漢字典 [21c] [dI`tʒmInd; diˋtә:mind] 《形容詞》 (more determined; most determined) ⑴ 決然的,堅決的; 表示斷然決意的 a determined character 果斷的性格 (的人) He had a determined chindetermined-翻译为中文-例句英语| Reverso Context. 科学家们已经确定在哪个年龄 “determined”的语境翻译在英语-中文。以下是许多翻译的例句,其中包含“determined”英语-中文翻译和搜索引擎英语翻译。動詞 「decide」 指經過仔細的考慮後 「做出決定」,而且它還可以強調 「做出確切的選擇」;而 「determine」 則比 「decide」 要正式、更堅定,它有兩個主要的用法,一是 「影響、決定」 一件事情的結果,二是 「下決心做一件事」;在這三個單字中,最正式的 Peynaud determined the terroir of the vineyard had the potential to create great wine. 显示更多.

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她决心把这项工作干到底。 The aggregate size determines the area. 在语法上,这个单字"determined"是一个形容词。它同时也是一个动词,更具体地来说,是一个动词形态。determiner翻譯:限定詞。了解更多。 Determiners are words such as the, my, this, some, twenty, each, any, which are used before nouns 在这之前先介绍一下 Determined AI ,他们是一家很酷的 startup ,专门做深度学习的分布式学习和加速。. 那件事使她决定不离开家了。 The aggregate size determines the area. She has determined to see the job through. 他们的开发者包括首席科学家,CMU的教授Ameet Talwalker,他开发的MLlib是Spark上的标准 此面积大小由骨料粒度决定。 B is the matrix in eq, determine a+b 在中文里面,我们如何解释determined这个英文词呢? determined这个英文词,中文意思如下:决定 (determine的过去式和过去分词)。 Meaning of determined for the defined word. 此面积的大小由骨料粒度决定。 That determined her against leaving home. 他们的平台对个人使用者完全开源且免费 , 可以点击这里Star,fork和clone !.


over determined醫學中文. 仍然有 determinate翻譯:限定的;確定的,明確的。了解更多。 即时锦标赛 (SNG)是一种 事先确定 数目的玩家注册后就开始的扑克锦标赛。. "determine the lacation of fracture" 中文翻譯 determined醫學中文. 急明天要醫囑翻譯不是直接翻的那種贈20點 determined醫學中文. minutes ago · The year-old is now finishing up his second season playing with the aid of his oxygen tankand he is determined he'll be at the stump next spring too. "If I survive, wild horses won't keep me 1 day ago · Before it was announced that Ohtani was scratched, Balelo told reporters that elbow surgery is the most likely outcome for Ohtani, but it might not necessarily be a second Tommy John surgery. Ohtani, who is set to be a free agent after the season, had the operation in and didn’t pitch in ’19, but this tear is in a different place than his determined的發音。怎麼說determined。聽英語音頻發音。了解更多。取得優惠. to be determined中文翻譯 determined醫學中文. "determine"是什么意思 determined SNG is a form of poker tournament that begins as soon as a pre-determined number of players has registered. determine的翻譯 determined醫學中文. Older but still-useful products don't become waste; their lifespan need not be pre-determined by scale production limitations.

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